Random Moment Video #1

Rolling down the street, sipping on snow cones, and having a random conversation about Facebook. We wanted to share our random moment with you, this is video #1 so you know what that means…there will be more to come!


~Cookie & Crumb~

7 thoughts on “Random Moment Video #1

  1. We were just discussing both of these topics last night as we scrolled our newsfeed. I agree with y’all 100%. Sometimes it’s just sad. We were also talking about how social media has become the root of all evil. People are taking their lives & the lives of others behind social media. I think it’s only going to get worse. What are y’all thoughts?

    • I agree with you as well. It will only get worse before it ever gets better…because one people love drama. And second people love to entertain mess. I think social sites have become worse than so called reality TV. I think social media gives the true cowards an easier way to be so-called brave…a platform to say whatever they want to whomever they want and the people surrounding have to face the consequences. Its sad to me when I see the kids taking their own lives or the lives of others. We never had to worry about these things when we were going growing up. This is a topic that has many angles and can be talked on for years to come…

      We do appreciate your support and thanks for commenting…with a question:-)


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